1328 Experiments set for magnetic board



1328 Experiments set for magnetic board

For the performance of statics experiments visible at distance, easy and quick to perform on a magnetic board (sold separately).


Composition of concurrent forces
Composition of parallel forces
Decomposition of a force
Elastic forces
Hooke’s law
The centre of gravity
Equilibrium of a pivoted rod
Equilibrium of moments
The inclined plane
The grazing friction
Pulleys in parallel
Pulleys in series
Combinations of simple machines

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Supplied Materials

4 Magnetic anchors
3 Rods with hook
2 Mobile pulleys
2 Series of weights 10 g with hanger
2 Cylindrical masses 50 g
1 Rod for levers with pivot
1 Spring with index
1 Moments’disk
2 Couples of pulleys in series
1 Wooden block
2 Strings
1 ‘S’ shaped hook
1 200 g Spring scale
2 Fixed pulleys
1 Protractor 360 degrees
1 Series of weights 20 g with hanger
1 Metal sheet for center of gravity
2 Triple pulleys in series
1 Linear ruler
1 Spring scale boss-head
1 Inclined plane with protractor
1 Friction trolley
2 Couples of pulleys in parallel
1 Experiment Guide
1 Case