S86 Electromagnetism



S86 Electromagnetism

Experiences concerning magnetic phenomena and the relationship between an electric current and a magnetic field are proposed in this teaching unit. In particular, experiences on the effects produced by an electric current and on the transformation of electric energy in other forms of energy, are proposed.


Magnetic materials
Magnetic poles
Magnetic levitation
Magnetic induction
The magnetic field
The flux lines of the magnetic field
The magnetic field vector
Lorentz force
The earth’s magnetic field
The magnetic effect of electric current
When the conductor is a bar
When the conductor is a loop
Electric bells
Direct current electric motors
Ampère’s theory on magnetism
Electromagnetic induction
The magnetic flux
Neumann’s law
Lenz’s law
The law of electromagnetic induction

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Supplied Materials

1 Switch
4 60 cm cables
1 Bar magnet
1 Electric bell
1 Compass
1 Apparatus for electromagnetic actions
1 Primary and secondary coils with core
1 Electric motor
1 Lentz’s law demonstrator
1 Magnetic needle on stand
1 Horseshoe magnet
1 Magnetic field demonstration plate
1 Galvanometer
1 Cylindrical rare earth magnet
1 Pack of waste filings of iron
1 Stand with 2 floating magnetic rings
1 Set of nails
1 Coil support
1 Compass support
1 Plastic teaspoon
1 Test tube
1 Teaching guide (.pdf version)
1 Box