8101 Motion plane



8101 Motion plane

The motion plane together with the two “punctiform” friction-trolleys and with the “non-punctiform” trolley allows you to perform several experiments on motion using RTL (Real Time Laboratory) techniques.
The didactic interest of the executable experiments with this item is multiple. In fact the student can:
- familiarise himself with the magnitudes characterizing the motion;
- learn how to correlate the distance-time graph with the speed-time and acceleration-time graphs;
- measure the intensity of frictional forces and gravity acceleration;
- study how potential and kinetic energies vary according to time and distance

Rectilinear uniform motion;
Uniformly accelerated motion;
Basic Law of dynamics F = m a;
The inclined plane;
Rolling (with the kit code 8105);
The principle of energy conservation;
Friction forces;
Elastic collision against a wall.

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Supplied Materials

1 100 cm long aluminium surface
1 Surface inclination device
1 Rigid board with window
1 Rigid board with rubber surface
1 Ball of string
1 Tripod base
1 Double clamp
1 100 cm linear rule
1 Series of 10 g 9 weights with plate
1 25 cm metal rod
1 Punctiform trolley
1 Magnetic punctiform trolley
1 Big weight-holder plate
1 Telescopic table clamp with pulley
1 Large box
1 Didactic guide

Required material not supplied
1 Distance sensor + interface, or 1 usb distance sensor.