4321 Geometrical optics kit



4321 Geometrical optics kit

This item enables you to perform, on a horizontal stand, all phenomena regarding the geometrical aspect of light propagation. The components have been designed to simplify and to speed up performance.

Light reflection on a plane mirror
Optical lever
Reflection on a concave spherical mirror
The properties of the focus and of the centre of a mirror
Convex spherical mirror
Refraction on a plane surface
Refraction on a plane surface with parallel plane faces
How to measure an inaccessible thickness (optical pachymetry)
Refraction through prisms: how to measure total deflection angles
How to measure the index of refraction by means of the minimum deflection angle
The index of refraction of liquids
Total reflection and critical angle
Total reflection on a rectangular prism
Focal distance of converging lenses
Focal distance of diverging lenses
Galileian telescope systems
Spherical aberration

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Supplied Materials

1 Equilateral glass optical prism 25x25 mm
1 Equilateral plexiglas optical prism
1 Plane mirror
1 Spherical mirror
1 Set of seven optical bodies
1 Hollow prism
1 Penta laser with spot selection switch
1 150x150 mm screen with 10 mm stem
1 Support for screen
1 Small size optical bench
1 Protractor (diameter 200 mm) with stem (diameter 10 mm)
1 Support for optical bodies (rectangular base)
1 T square
1 Penta laser support
1 250 ml beaker
1 Box