P60 Air physical properties

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P60 Air physical properties

The thickness of the atmosphere in respect to the Earth is comparable to the thickness of the peel in respect to an peach.
Moreover, without the atmosphere, there wouldn’t be any life forms on the Earth. Air supplies oxygen that is necessary for breathing, carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and water vapour. You can’t see air, but it exists: it is unfathomable, it has a weight and volume. Air protects us from cosmic rays and solar rays.


What is the atmosphere?
Air exists
Air composition
Absolute humidity and relative humidity
Air is unfathomable
Air is elastic
Air pressure
Pascal pressure
How to apply a force to air
Compressed air and rarefied air
Air temperature
When air is going to be warm
How to make use of winds
Air weight
Atmospheric pressure
Some application of atmospheric pressure
When air is moving
Air to fly
Air to brake free falling
Air to live
Air pollution
The greenhouse effect

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4 Small balloon
2 Big balloon
1 Manual pump
1 Wall thermometer
1 Tube with stopper
6 Candles
3 Candle holder
1 Magnifying glass
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1 Wind apparatus
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