The rotating platform is characterised by a sturdy metal structure and a couple of conical bearings which allow it to rotate ensuring great resistance to stresses and low friction. Thanks to the didactic guide and the several accessories supplied with this collection, students will be able to carry out experiments on non inertial reference frames which otherwise would be impossible to perform. Our rotating platform is a particular and interactive instrument particularly suited to study angular momentum, moment of inertia and centrifugal force.
Platform diameter: 50 cm

Action and reaction’ principle
Preservation of the angular momentum
Non-inertial systems of uniform rotatory motion
A falling body in non-inertial systems
Centrifugal force and its effects
Measurement of the centrifugal force
Centrifugal force depending on the rotation radius.
Centrifugal force depending on the angular velocity
Corioli’s force
Inertia moment

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Supplied Materials

1 String
2 Spring tweezers
1 Rotating platform
1 Aluminum rod 800x35 mm
1 Ring stand for vertical tube
1 Ring stand for falling plane
1 Complete bicycle wheel
1 Plane with cannon
1 Falling plane
1 Device for measuring the centrifugal force with spring scale, pulley, roller and rod.
2 Dumbbells 4 Kg
1 Inclination protractor
1 AVP rod 1200x18 mm
1 Set of 3 steel sphere
1 Support for launch
2 Clamp for round flasks with bosshead