4202 90 cm Small optical bench

4202 90 cm Small optical bench View larger

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4202 90 cm Small optical bench

Dioptric projector
Rectilinear propagation of light
Moon phases
Lighting law
Diffusion of light
Reflection of light
Reflection of light into spherical mirrors
Refraction of light
Refractive index and the colours of light
Total reflection
Refraction of light through a prism
Dispersion of the white light
Images in flat mirrors
Images in spherical mirrors
Conjugate points of spherical mirrors
Images in converging lenses
Conjugate points of converging lenses
The eye and its defects
Correcting eye defects
The compound microscope
The slide projector

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Supplied Materials

1 Linear ruler
1 Equilateral prism
1 Red filter
1 Green filter
1 Blue filter
1 Semi transparent screen
1 Slide 50x50
1 Plexiglas semi cylinder
1 Screen with squared hole
1 Flat mirror
1 Small flat mirror
1 Isosceles prism
3 Riders
1 Holder for the projector
1 Concave and biconvex mirror
1 Optical bench 90 cm
1 Optical projector LED 6V
1 Lamp
1 Earth-Moon system
1 Lens +6 cm with lens holder rod
1 Lens +10 cm with lens holder rod
1 Lens -10 cm with lens holder rod
1 Protractor
1 Filter holder
1 White screen
1 Microscope slide with holder
1 Square ruler
1 Glass
1 Box
1 Experiment’s guide