1443 Electrical rotating platform

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1443 Electrical rotating platform

Optika rotating platform allows students not only to verify the relations between the fundamental quantities which characterize rotational motion, but also to perform experiments on an important topic: inertial and non-inertial systems.
What is seen by an observer on an inertial system is different from what is seen by an observer on a non-inertial system.
In this way students are allowed to understand which is the origin and which are the results of fictitious forces as the centrifugal force and Coriolis force.

Thanks to this platform, you are able to study a lot of fundamental topics as the effects of Coriolis force on solids and liquids and understand why a mathematical instrument as the cross product was so important.
By which magnitudes the centrifugal force depends on? Let’s perform some experiences with OPTIKA rotating platform.


1. Centripetal force
2. A fictitious force: the centrifugal force
3. Lack of centripetal force: what happens?
4. Centrifugal forces in equilibrium
5. How to use centrifugal force to separate a mixture
6. How to use centrifugal force to dry linen
7. Centrifugal force and Earth shape
8. Watt’s regulator
9. White light: Newton’s Disk
10. Conical pendulum
11. Properties of conical pendulum
12. How to verify centripetal and centrifugal forces formula
13. Another fictitious force: Coriolis force
14. Coriolis force acting on a water jet
15. Coriolis force acting on a pendulum
16. Observer in a non-inertial system
17. How to verify Coriolis law with an experiment
18. When Coriolis force is zero
19. Foucault’s pendulum

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Supplied Materials

1 String
1 Ruler
1 Wooden sphere with hole
1 Wooden sphere with hook
1 Chuck

Optional Accessories

1445 Apparatus for centrifugal force
1447 Coaxial cylinders
1082 Apparatus with inclined test tubes
1083 Centrifuge
1094 Apparatus with elastic rings
1093 Watt’s regulator
1097 Newton’s Disk
1459 Bowl with dye (to be used with 1452 and 1458)
1450 Conical pendulum
1451 Apparatus for Coriolis force
1452 Apparatus for water jet
1453 Simple pendulum
1455 Camera kit (to be used with 1453)
1458 Apparatus for falling water
1460 Smartphone