A3 Dynamics

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26 feasible experiments

• Motion
• Motion is relative
• Reference systems
• Trajectory
• Displacement
• Time table
• Tools for the experimental study of motion
• Manual time counting
• Automatic time counting
• Average speed
• How to measure the average speed
• Instantaneous velocity
• How to measure instantaneous velocity
• Average acceleration
• How to measure average acceleration
• Instantaneous acceleration
• Various types of motion
• Uniform rectilinear motion
• Uniformly accelerated rectilinear motion
• Uniformly accelerated motion: how to study it
• Causes of the motion
• When no forces are applied to a body
• When a constant force is applied to a body
• Taking stock of the work
• Mass
• The fundamental law of dynamics
• Energy conservation
• Free fall of a grave
• Periodic motions
• Simple pendulum
• Energy of an oscillating pendulum
• Gravity acceleration
• Springs properties
• Elastic pendulum

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