A4 Thermodynamics

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24 feasible experiments

• Thermal sensations
• Thermoscope
• Thermometer
• Thermometric scales
• Thermal motion of the molecules
• Linear thermal expansion
• The coefficient of linear thermal expansion
• Bimetallic strip
• Volumetric thermal expansion
• Thermal expansion of liquids
• Thermal expansion of aeriform substances
• Thermal energy
• How to increase the temperature of a body
• Another way to increase the temperature
• Heat
• The relationship between heat and temperature
• Thermal balance
• Water equivalent of the calorimeter
• Measurement of the specific heat of a solid
• Propagation of heat by conduction
• Propagation of heat by convection
• Irradiation
• Change in states
• Melting
• Vaporization
• Condensation of a vapor

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