8514 Electromagnetism kit



8514 Electromagnetism kit

Laboratory experiments on electrical circuits are difficult due to the use of cables to connect the different parts. It becomes difficult to vary the typology of a circuit without risking incorrect or damaging connections. In addition we risk losing sight of the structure of the circuit. This kit is based on modules which can be quickly assembled on a table. In this way, the type of circuit is immediately recognizable and replacing a part or changing the circuit become simple and quick.

Ohm’s Laws.
Adjustment in series/parallel.
Charging and discharging the Capacitor.
Auto induction.
The reactive components in ac.
Magnetic field in a solenoid.
Electromagnetic induction.
Oscillator circuits.
Rectifier circuit.

Ohm’s law

Charging and discharging of a Capacitor

Voltage in the primary (in red) and in the secondary (in green) of a transformer

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Supplied Materials

1 Assembling plate
14 U bolts
1 Set of 10 resistors
1 Set of 4 non linear dipoles
1 Set of 10 Capacitors
10 Leads
2 “T” conductors
4 Linear conductors
2 “L” conductors
1 Switch/diverter
4 Universal connectors
4 Insulators
1 Kantal wire
2 Crocodile clips
1 Potentiometer, 22 ohm
1 Lamp holder
1 Bulb
1 Bar magnet
1 Modular transformer
1 Teaching guide

Required material not supplied
Voltage sensors + 1 Interface
2 Current sensors
1 Generator of low frequency signals
1 Power unit 0-5A
1 Extensible solenoid