8515 Electromagnetic pendulum

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8515 Electromagnetic pendulum

Essential item to study electromagnetic interactions. It consists of a linear magnet hanging from a spring and where a spool is located. Starting the magnet’s motion, an electromotive force is induced in the spool which is measurable at the resistor’s ends.
Similarly, making a/c circulate in the spool, the magnet starts its motion.

1. Electromagnetic induction;
2. A/c production;
3. Electromagnetic resonance.

Electromagnetic resonance

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Supplied Materials

1 Spool with 1600 coils fitted with support and plexiglas tube
1 Linear magnet, diam. 10 mm with support
2 Coil spring
1 Magnetic weights-holder
2 Slotted masses, 10g
2 Slotted masses, 20g
2 Leads, 120 cm
1 Rectangular base with bar, 10x800 mm
2 Boss-head
1 Bar with hook
1 Base with two bonding posts boss-heads
2 Resistors

Required material not supplied
1 Tension sensor + 1 Interface
1 Distance sensor
1 Functions generator