4080 120 cm, wave and geometrical optics bench



4080 120 cm, wave and geometrical optics bench

With this optical bench, the teacher can perform a great number of quantitative and qualitative experiments on both geometrical and undulating aspects of optic waves.
This bench is a necessary educational instrument in order to make a lesson a real moment of union between theory and experimental reality, and this is because of the quickness of its assembly and the ease in performing the experiments.

Rectilinear propagation of optical waves
Lunar and solar eclipse
Light scattering
Radiation law
Reflection laws
Reflection in spherical mirrors
Images in spherical mirrors
Refraction laws
Total internal reflection
Refraction through a prism
Refraction through lenses
Images in lenses
The eye and its imperfections
Optical instruments
The diode laser
Diffraction through a hole
Diffraction through a slit
Measuring the wavelength of a laser
Interference of light
Interference according to Young
Measurement of a wavelength with Young’s method
Diffraction grating
Measurement of a wavelength with a grating
Measuring the wavelength of white light
Linear polarization
Polarized light
Natural rotatory power

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Supplied Materials

1 Linear ruler
1 Red filter
1 Green filter
1 Blue filter
1 Semitransparent glass
1 Slide
1 Plexiglas semicylinder
1 Diaphragm with square hole
1 Plane mirror
1 Double symmetrical arc
1 Rectangular isosceles prism
1 Diaphragm with hole 2mm
1 Diaphragm with hole 0,4 mm
1 Diaphragm with hole 0,2 mm
1 Diaphragm with 1 slit
1 Diaphragm with 2 slits
1 Crown glass optical prism
1 Red diode laser with 3V power supply
4 Holder
1 Projector holder
1 Sphere with stem
1 Double spherical mirror +10 -10
1 Optical bench 120 cm
1 Movable LED projector with 6V power supply
1 White screen with graduated scale
1 Pair of polarizers
1 Polarimetric tube
1 Punctiform bulb
1 Earth – Moon system
1 Adjustable slit
1 Horizontal goniometer
1 Lens +6 cm with lens holder rod
1 Lens +10 with lens holder rod
1 Lens -10 with lens holder rod
1 Filter holder
1 Microscope slide with holder
1 Grating 500 lines/mm
1 Square ruler
1 Glass beaker
1 Large box
1 Experiments guide