5413 Set for the study of solid state physics

5413 Set for the study of solid state physics View larger

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5413 Set for the study of solid state physics

In 1948 when American physicists H. Brattain, W. and J.Bardeen Shockley discovered the transistor effect, the electronic technique has implemented an extraordinary evolution. Since when, in 1948, the American physicists H. Brattain, J.Bardeen and W. Shockley discovered the transistor effect, the electronic technology has seen an amazing development. The technology world is everyday more and more dominated by semiconductors, and the energetic future of mankind is tightly linked to them. But the functioning of the devices which employ the semiconductors is based on the principles of quantum physics, whose fundamental notions are normally included in the educational curriculum of high schools. This set has been designed to make it easier for students to grasp concepts which are not that intuitive. It consists of a series of explanation charts to be applied on a magnetic blackboard and of magnetic tokens representing ions, electrons and gaps. The interactive feature of the set allows the teacher to simulate some processes of interaction between photons and matter, showing the passages from a situation to the following one.

Atomic energy levels
The metals crystal lattice
Energy bands
Allowed bands and forbidden bands
Insulators, conductors and semiconductors
The Ohmic conductor
The PTC thermistor
The NTC thermistor
The photoresistor
Semiconductors doping
The junction diode
The Led
How to measure the Planck's constant
The reversibility of the Led
The photovoltaic cell
The solar panels

NOTE: It is necessary to use a magnetic board and a low-voltage regulated power supply in order to perform the experiments. We recommend the instrument code 5360.

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Supplied Materials

1 Red filter
1 Green filter
1 Purple/blue filter
1 Resistor holder base       
1 Photoresistor on base
1 Thermoresistor NCT
1 Silicon Diode on base
2 Portable digital multimeters
1 Photovoltaic panel
1 PTC thermistor
1 Red led on base
1 Green led on base
1 Resistor 10 Ω 7W
1 Resistor 1 KΩ  2W
1 Resistor 100 Ω 2W
1 Set of 11 Tables
1 Small case for tables   
1 Set of magnetic tokens
1 Didactic guide
1 Box