5607 Geometrical optics kit with laser ray box

5607 Geometrical optics kit with laser ray box View larger

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5607 Geometrical optics kit with laser ray box

With this kit you can easily and quickly perform all basic geometrical optics experiments.
The laser ray box is endowed with a switch which allows three different beam configurations (1-3-5).
The high-quality optic bodies allow you to observe the trajectory of reflected and refracted beams.

Because of its good quality/price ratio and because of the number and quality of possible experiments, this kit represents the best solution for geometrical optics experimentation for primary and secondary school.

Reflection’s laws
The reflection in concave mirrors
The reflection in convex mirrors
Refraction’s laws
The refraction across a plate with plane and parallel faces
The converging lenses’ refraction
The divergent lenses’ refraction
Measure of the liquid refraction index
Total reflection
Total reflecting prisms
The periscope

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Supplied Materials

1 Pentalaser with its power supply
1 Flexible mirror
1 Plate with plane and parallel faces
1 Semicircle lens
1 Converging lens
1 Divergent lens
1 Hollow semicircle
1 Rectangular prism
1 Trapezoidal prism
2 Rubber gloves
1 Cleaning cloth
1 Teaching guide
1 Box