5589 Optika Air track 1,9m

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5589 Optika Air track 1,5m

Optika Air Tracks are made from the extrusion of a square aluminum tube. Three available lenghts:
- 1,5m (Code 5588)
- 1,9m (Code 5589)
- 2,0m (Code 5590)
Each Air Track is provided with a side T-shaped aluminum profile on which photocell holders can slide.
On this profile a graduated scale is mounted for a clear reading of the photocell positions.
It is an essential instrument thanks to which students are able to practice with Newton’s second law, uniform motion, uniformly accelerated motion, conservation law and collisions.

These sets include air track, 2 gliders and accessories, 2 photogate holders.

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Supplied Materials

Made of extruded aluminum square tube (50x50 mm).
3 feet (2 adjustable).

Made of black varnished aluminum;
on the gliders there are holes to mount accessories as bumpers, flags, tubes with Velcro.
2 pieces.
Length: 110 mm.
Mass: 106 g.

Round flags for gliders
1 piece, diameter 10mm.
1 piece, diameter 20mm.

Velcro tubes with plug
For inelastic collision experiments.
2 pieces.

Bumpers with plug
Spring bumper, 2 pieces.
Rubber band bumper, 1 piece.

Slotted masses
- Slotted masses : 4 pieces, 20g.
- Slotted masses: 3 pieces 5g, 3 piece 2g,
1 pieces 1g + 1 masses holder 3g.

Photogates holders
These holders can be customized to mount your own photogates.
2 pieces.

Springs for elastic oscillations
2 pieces for Air track 5588 (1.5 m)
4 pieces for Air track 5589 and 5590 (1.9 m - 2.0 m)

Accessories (not included in the sets)

5453 Photogate
This photogate works as a switch.
The infrared transmitter and receiver are mounted and aligned on
a plastic fork. Lead time: ~ 0.004 ms.

5452 Timer
This student timer is designed to perform time measurements using two photogates. Functions available:
- Start/stop
- Count
- Calibration
- Collision
- Acceleration
- Gravity acceleration (free falling)
- Cycle

5450 Air blower
Optika air blower is silent and its speed can be continuously adjusted.
Complete with 1.5m hose.
Mains supply 220V.

Electromagnetic coil
Pushing electromagnetic coil button on the timer, students are able to cut the current to the coil output: in this way the glider is released and the timer starts counting.
7-pin DIN plug for Teacher timer
Mini Jack plug for Student timer

5455 Free fall apparatus expansion kit
The free falling apparatus allows student to study the free fall of a body getting accurate and reliable measurements.