S87 Electrostatics

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S87 Electrostatics

The environment in which each form of life evolves is a huge magnetic field. The simple phenomena that can be realised with the materials provided in this teaching unit, highlight that static electricity is always around us.


Protons ed electrons
Electric forces
Electrostatic induction
The pith-ball electroscope
Conductors and insulators
The gold leaf electroscope
How to determine the sign of an electric charge
The sign of an electric charge
The wimshurst machine
Flashes and lightnings
The electric field
How to reveal the existence of electric fields
The power of points
The electric whirl
The dancing beads
The electrostatic plume
Franklin’s electrostatic engine

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Supplied Materials

1 String
1 Circular base
1 Insulated support with hook
2 Rubber balloons
5 Candles
1 Candle holder
1 Plexiglas rod
2 PVC rod
1 Extended U-hook with thread
2 60 cm cables
1 Aluminium foil
2 Crocodile clips
1 Wimshurst machine
1 Universal support
1 Pointed conductor
1 Conductor with perpendicular pointed arm
1 Electric whirl
1 Dancing beads device
1 Couple of beads
1 Electrostatic plume
1 Electroscope
1 Couple of cloths
1 Franklin’s electrostatic engine
1 Rod with hook and polystyrene ball
1 Metallic rod
1 Teaching guide (.pdf version)
1 Box