4129 Optical ray projector and colour mixer

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4129 Optical ray projector and colour mixer

This fundamental item for the study of light phenomena, is composed of a rectangular case (175x90x55 mm) containing a lamp with vertical filament (12V - 36W) placed in the upper part.
A system of cylindrical converging lenses enables you to obtain converging , diverging or parallel light beams.
On the front of the case there are three windows with clasps, whose internal part are mirror-like and endowed with guides for inserting diaphragms and other colour filters.

All equipment is contained in a wooden case.
Power-unit included.

Law of reflection
Refraction in diverging lenses
Reflection in mirrors
Refraction in prisms
Laws of refraction
Dispersion of white light
Total reflection
Refraction in a plate
Primary and secondary colours
Refraction in converging lenses
Colour composition

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