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Apparatus to study the moment of inertia

Thanks to this device, students can delve into complicated concepts such as angular velocity and moment of inertia, based on the fundamental law of rotary motion. The discussion also includes the energy balance of the system, including friction.




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• Translational motion and rotational motion
• Analogies between translational and rotational motions
• Definition of rotational motion quantities
• How to calculate torque
• How to evaluate acceleration
• The fundamental law of rotational motion
• The moment of intertia
• Kinetic energy in rotational motion
• How to determine the friction force
• Energetical balance in the presence of friction
• The moment of inertia of composite systems
• The equilibrium of a rigid body

1 Base
1 Pillar 20×20 mm
1 Disk support
1 Disk 200 mm; peso 1,1 kg
1 Double disk diam 100 mm
1 Mass holder 2 g
3 String
1 Indice di riferimento
1 Allen key n. 6
1 Slotted mass 0,5 g
1 Slotted mass 1 g
2 Slotted masses 2 g
9 Slotted masses 10 g with holder
1 Measuring tape 2 m