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Laboratory for soil analysis

Thorough analysis is a corner stone to support and maintain healthy, productive and biologically active soil. To effectively and efficiently plan all measures that affect the soil (fertilization, liming, etc.) it is crucial to determine the important soil parameters first. This reagent case for soil analysis is the perfect companion for economical, fast and convenient soil analysis, both in the field or in your laboratory. It contains all reagents, instruments and accessories required for the preparation of soil extracts and the subsequent determination of:


• Ammonium, Nitrite, Nitrate (N)
• Potassium (K)
• Phosphate (P)
• pH


The soil extracts are either prepared with Calcium-Acetate- Lactate (CAL) solution (prior to the determination of P and K) or with CaCl2 solution (prior to the determination of N and pH).
Reagents are sufficient for 110 CaCl2 extractions, 7 CAL extractions and 60 – 100 tests.