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ScienceCube Pro

• It can be used as a stand-alone: the interface can be used without a PC connection.
• Easy to use and portable.
• It doesn’t need any special card or driver. Sensors are identified automatically.
• Thanks to the LCD graphic display, you are able to read easily the collected data.
• Different languages are available.
• The firmware is constantly updated and implemented. ScienceCube Pro will update itself to be able to interface with the new sensors.




ScienceCube – Software & Driver



Dimensions: 160x90x25 mm
Display: 128×64 ampio graphic mono screen
Data management: it is able to collect up to 50.000 data – up to 16 experiments
Battery: rechargeable Lithium-polymer (1250mAh)
Sensor input: up to 3 channels at the same time.
Sampling rate:
sampling rate:
0.05 sec (3 channels)
0.005 sec (1 channel)
stan-alone mode: 0.0001 sec (1 channel)
Resolution: 12 bit A/D
Digital input/output channel: 1 channel output: PWM, sine, square, triangularsawtooth wave
Communication port: USB, serial port.
USB cable and 3 sensor connection cables included.