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Work and energy – renewable energy

Thanks to this storage system, it will be possible to store all the components, after use, in an orderly and correct manner.
The special pre-formed drawers guarantee high resistance to shocks and atmospheric agents, ensuring that the instruments contained are optimally protected.


20 feasible experiments


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• What is a transformation
• Physics and chemical transformations
• Balanced forces and unbalanced forces
• The concept of work in everyday language
• The concept of work in physics
• Work: a new magnitudes
• When the force is not parallel to displacement
• The concept of energy in everyday language
• The concept of energy in physics
• Work and energy
• How energy is measured
• The two forms of mechanical energy
• Kinetic energy
• Gravitational potential energy
• Plastic materials, elastic materials
• The potential elastic energy
• Other forms of energy
• The properties of energy
• The transformations of mechanical energy
• Unusable energy
• The atomic theory of matter
• The potential electric energy
• Hydraulic circuit
• Electric circuit
• Power
• Renewable and non-renewable energy sources
• The biggest source of energy: the sun
• How to transform solar energy into electricity
• Wind energy
• Other forms of alternative energy

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