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B5 camera, 5.1 MP CMOS, USB2.0

Cameras have become indispensable nowadays and OPTIKA is offering a line of remarkable solutions for digital imaging. OPTIKA B Series represents a cost-effective solution equipped with the latest technology sensors with more vivid colors and great contrast for stunning  images. This series features Aptina CMOS sensor with excellent color  reproduction, significantly high frame rates and several resolutions available to match any customer need. Thanks to the convenience and simplicity, being extremely intuitive to install and operate, the OPTIKA B Series is recommended for educational and routinary microscopes, also as eyepiece cameras (no need for additional adapters/rings in case of monocular and binocular microscopes). All the main operating systems like Windows, IOS, Linux are supported.





C-B Series –  USB 2.0 C-mount and Eyepiece Microscope Cameras