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WFR rechargeable camera, 5 MP CMOS, Wi-Fi, multi-plug

Intuitive Wi-Fi camera (model with optional rechargeable battery: C-WFR), affordable and easy to use, with CMOS sensor and direct Wi-Fi connection, recommended for basic and general school applications. Suitable for use in an interactive digital classroom, it maximizes the efficiency of learning processes.
Direct Wi-Fi, no router required.
Ready for use on any microscope with direct connection to the ocular or trinocular tube, thanks to the included C-Mount lens.
The C-WFR model allows completely wireless operation, thanks to the rechargeable batteries
(5 hours of autonomy for each single charge), in addition to direct Wi-Fi.
Downloadable software included (Windows, Mac OS or Linux), always available to allow for the latest updates.



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Technical specifications C-WF E C-WFR

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