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General biology – Basic kit

1. Unicellular animal (Ameba or other)
2. Paramecium, whole body
3. Hydra, whole body
4. Daphnia, whole body
5. Lumbricus (earthworm), cross section
6. House fly, mouth part, whole body
7. Honey bee, mouth part, whole part
8. Honey bee, hind leg
9. Three type of bacteria, smear
10. Simple flat epitelium, whole body
11. Skeletal muscle, longitudinal section and cross section
12. Human blood smear
13. Frog blood smear
14. Lung section
15. Artery and vein, cross section
16. Human skin section through hair follicle
17. Spirogyra conjugation, whole body
18. Volvox, whole body
19. Moss, whole body
20. Mitosis, onion root tip cell, section
21. Monocot and dicot, roots , cross sec.
22. Monocot and dicot shafts , cross sec.
23. Tilia (linden tree), 1 year old stem, cross sec.
24. Tilia (linden tree), 3 years old stem, cross sec.
25. Monocot and dicot leaves, cross sec.