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Windows tablet PC, with 5 MP CMOS camera

Exclusive tablet PC, powerful and versatile for a great user experience. Always one step forward to ensure the latest technology!
For trinocular microscopes only. A 2-in-1 solution that you can use like a PC, being Windows-based. Powerful Intel processor ensuring top performance and speed. High-resolution, vivid color graphic display. Large touch screen of 10.1” with fast, responsive and smooth control. Attached camera available in 3.1 MP (TB-3W) or 5.1 MP (TB-5W) resolution.
Holding solution for open discussion, 360° rotating.
Includes the user-friendly and intuitive Optika Vision Lite software.

Accessories included: C-mount projection lens, calibration slide, 1.8 m USB cable and touch pen.




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