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Cobra SMARTsense – CO2 (Bluetooth + USB)


Poor air quality due to a high proportion of carbon dioxide in the indoor air reduces concentration and performance. Use this sensor to measure the carbon content of the air and the influence of, for example, the photosynthesis of indoor plants.

Function and Applications
Cobra SMARTsense is the ideal solution for inexpensive digitalization of science teaching. The sensors connect wirelessly (Bluetooth) or wired (USB) directly to the student’s digital end device (smartphone, tablet or desktop PC). Using the free and award-winning measureAPP measurement software for iOS, Android and Windows, measured values can be easily recorded and graphically displayed. If more evaluations are needed, the measureLAB measurement software for Windows and macOS can be used.

Perfect for student experiments.

Equipment and Technical Data

Range: 0 … 100000 ppm

Resolution: 2 ppm

Samplerate: 1 Hz

The sensor contains a USB-C rechargeable lithium polymer battery.



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