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An historical quest

A hunter wants to shoot a monkey hanging from a tree branch, hence he aims his blowpipe at the animal. As soon as the monkey sees the arrow, it loosens the grip to avoid being shot. The hunter, as the monkey jumps, thinks he missed the target; shortly thereafter, however, he can see with great surprise the arrow hit the free falling animal. It is possible to demonstrate that the monkey would be hit in all cases, whatever the velocity V0 at which the arrow moves, provided that its value is such as to allow the arrow to hit the animal before it reaches the ground. At the very instant in which the projectile exits the cannon, the photocell positioned on the muzzle sends a signal, deactivating the electromagnet which holds the polystyrene ball used to simulate the monkey. If the condition mentioned above is satisfied, while falling, the polystyrene ball will be hit by the projectile in any case. The apparatus we offer you is particularly sturdy. Moreover, the anodised aluminum cannon can be rotated and is characterised by a thick high pressure bilaminates base. This apparatus was entirely realised in our factory, from the production of its components to mounting.






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