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Einstein’s elevator

This lift is composed of a pair of aluminum disks fixed to a common pivot, free to slide inside a plexiglass tube. The elevator may be initially anchored to the upper end of the tube by means of an electromagnet. Releasing the electromagnet, the elevator falls in free fall along the tube down to the lower end. A wire is then distributed to the repechage of the elevator. A system of holes, drilled on the caps, prevents the indoor air compression from slowing down in the elevator during the falling.





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1 110 cm long plexiglas cylinder, equipped with PVC caps
1 Electromagnet
1 Clamp
1 Electromagnet power supply with cables
2 Force sensor support
1 Box
1 Elevator consisting of two aluminium discs fastened to the same pin
1 12 mm diam. rod, L 120 cm
1 PVC ring with rod
1 String
2 Bosshead

1 Interface code 9001
1 Force sensor code 9032
1 USB force sensor code 9068