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Photoelectric effect

Thanks to this apparatus you are allowed to study the photoelectric effect, retracing the fundamental steps that have underlined the unsuitableness of the classic mechanics and have introduced all these new concepts thanks to which the quantum mechanics was born.
The photoelectric effect or photoemission is the production of electrons or other free carriers when light is shone onto a material. Varying the voltage across the phototube, you will be able to check the relation between the energy of the emitted electrons and the wavelength of the incident radiation. Thanks to Einstein notion regarding photoelectric effect, you will also be able to estimate the value of the Planck constant. This instrument is a good starting point to study quantum mechanics. It is basically composed of two parts: a phototube and a control unit (in which is built-in a voltmeter and a nanoammeter). Three LEDs, with average wavelength known, are supplied. The light intensity could be varied from 0 to 100%.




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• How to use it
• Historical notes on the nature of light
• Electromagnetic waves
• Intensity of electromagnetic waves
• Photoelectric effect
• Photoelectric cell
• Work function
• Threshold frequency
• Characteristic graphic of a photocell
• Stopping potential
• Kinetic energy of electrons doesn’t depend on
radiation intensity
• The number of emitted electrons depends on
radiation intensity
• Summary
• Einstein quantum theory
• How Einstein quantum theory explains events
• How to value threshold frequency
• How to measure Planck constant

3 LEDs (green, red and blue)
1 Base with phototube
1 Unit control
1 Power supply 24 V DC

Technical data
Power supply: 24V DC
Voltmeter 4 digits, sensibility: <2mV
Ammeter 4 digits, sensibility < 5nA
Button to cut off current
LED light adjustment 0-100%
Anodic tension adjustment