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Atom model

This model helps the students to understand the atom, because it permits them to create different atoms using coloured spheres which represent the protons, the neutrons and the electrons. The holes on the plate are ordered according to the different energetic levels of the orbit. In this way it is possible to understand the chemical links, the isotopes, the emission spectra and other matters concerning the atom. Size: 475×475 mm.



• Periodic table of elements
• When an atom has no charge
• Energy levels and principal quantum number (n)
• Energy levels and secondary quantum number
• Orbitals and magnetic quantum number (m)
• Electronics configurations
• How energy levels vary
• Electronics configuration at fundamental state
• Interaction between atoms
• Natural radioactivity
• Natural radioactivity transformations
• Nuclear reactions

1 Atom model (table)
48 Electrons (yellow spheres)
57 Protons (red or green spheres)
57 Neutrons (black spheres)
48 Cards regarding photons absorption
48 Cards regarding nuclear reactions
2 Periodic table of elements