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Uniform linear motion apparatus

This item is composed of a couple of neodymium magnets which are dropped into an aluminium tube. During their fall, the tube is the centre of induced forces which, due to Lenz’s Law, oppose the magnets motion. The kit of magnets is submitted to a force F = – k v, which is proportional and opposite to the speed. Therefore, after a brief transitional phase, the motion of the two magnets becomes uniform thanks to this force. Connecting trolleys or other objects to the magnets through a cord, it is possible to obtain the uniform motion of these objects.




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• Falling of a magnet in an aluminium tube;
• Verification of the action-reaction law;
• Uniform motion with Atwood machine (To realize the third experience of the uniform motion is necessary to have the product code 1437)

1 Base
2 Bosshead
1 Rod 1000 x 10 mm
1 Spring scale 1000 g
1 Magnets kit
1 Perforated stopper
4 Masses 10 g diam. 4 mm
2 Clamps with bosshead
1 Aluminium tube with ringshape support
1 Magnets container
1 PVC ring – guide for tube
1 Spring scale support
1 Rod with hook
1 pdf teaching guide

1 Interface code 9001
1 Distance sensor code 9041
1 USB distance sensor code 9066